From mid September to mid November, the town of Ostend will be filled with artwork made by over 30 photographers both Belgian and international. As part of this ‘Internationale Fotobiënnale Oostende’ OEVER GALLERY is proud to present the work of RAMI HARA, a Brussels based young photographer with Somalian roots.

The International Photobiennial Ostend consists of several indoor and outdoor exhibitions. Central to this Photobiennial is the connection with other art forms. Each photographic work will reflect that theme in a unique, contemporary and idiosyncratic way. The route extends from Fort Napoleon to Mu.ZEE. Curator Stephane Verheye came up with ‘(IN)FLUENCE’ for the theme of this photo exhibition, emphasising the affinity of photography with other visual arts. Each location is specifically choosen for the artwork with the intention of emerging a symbiosis between the photographs and its surroundings.


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