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Art is pure, art is letting emotions in, art is speaking up for a cause, art is saying something without having to find the words, art is meeting new people and having a subject to talk about right away. Art is connecting.

Wouter Sleeckx \ Sara Van Wesemael

Sara’s art journey started when she was 9 and her parents bought their first artwork (a painting by Maurice Wyckaert). A few months later, they bought an amazing table by Mendini and just like that the collecting of art and design began.

With interest going from street art to toyart and design, the collection expanded and counts more than 200 pieces at this day. Vacation and trips were always in combination of a great show, an exhibition or an art fair.

Some people say it’s a disease and we would have to agree! It’s something that bites you and triggers you and at some point you fall in love with an artwork and you just have to have it to enjoy it every day.

In 2011 Wouter joined our family and at first looked at it from a distance. But at one point, somewhere at Art Basel/Miami, he felt it too… and caught the disease.

Together we’ve discovered new artists, new paintings, new places, new friends, …

Art has taken up more and more space and time in our world, so making this career change feels to be the natural next step in our lives.

A world without art is unimaginable. Art brings warmth and happiness into our lives and that is exactly what we want to share with you through our new gallery.

We wanted to create a warm space where the artworks stand out. We want you to feel welcome to stay a bit and have a drink surrounded by the artwork so you can enjoy it longer. We love to talk art with you, so jump in whenever you feel like it.







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