“COMO VA TU VERANO?” is an exhibition that invites visitors to reflect on their own relationship with the world. Summer is a time that reflects the contradictions of current society. DOURONE’s paintings offer a powerful insight into society and environmental inequalities.
On one hand, summer is a time of enjoyment and pleasure, where people seek that perfect Instagram photo on a yacht or at the beach house. Or that moment with nature that everyone experiences as a vacation. Yet, there are also those who become bored with so much indulgence.
On the other hand, elsewhere, there’s a tsunami, a forest fire, droughts, and floods that ultimately also serve as Instagram-worthy moments. It’s a strange world we live in.
In this context, it’s worth asking to what extent summer deserves the planet’s and society’s attention.

Is it necessary to reflect on summer? Or do we continue to simply live through it?


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